You can make a translation of this website in a language of your choice (with the Bing Translator ©)

Before starting the translation procedure you must take good notice of the successive steps, because they disappear from the screen as soon as you activate the translator (step 3).
  1. Block the internet address of this website

  2. Copy that string with the key combination Ctrl C
  3. Click here to go to the Bing Translator ©
  4. Paste the internet address in the large box at left with the key combination Ctrl V
  5. Select in the upper small box at left ("Vertalen van") the language "Nederlands" (or skip this step)
  6. Select in the lower small box at left ("Vertalen naar") the language of your choice
  7. Activate the translation (with the button called "Vertalen")
  8. Wait until the translated page appears

  9. With the translated page as your startingpoint you may reach all *) the other pages in this website; they will be translated in a wink.
    *) except the page "Tarieven" (the list contains too many medical terms)

    Warning: the Bing Translator © gives a mechanical translation, which is sometimes clumsy, weird or even wrong

  10. Exit by the X button at upper right of the Bing Translator © screen. The present page of this website will immediately re-appear.
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